Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sidewalk chalk and the swingset and time change blues...

On a tear Monday, Ruby unearthed some sidewalk chalk I had forgotten about. In an effort to consume as much of these awesome temperatures as we can, we spent some time on the lawn and driveway Monday afternoon. Perhaps we are throwing away all the time we've spent teaching her only to color in coloring books out the window but I think it was worth it. Besides, you never know if your couch will look better with a lime green scribble on it until you try it, right?

 It was a hair chilly for a baby, nothing a blanket didn't fix.
 The swing is in the back yard awaiting final placement from the wife and installation of the kit to keep it on the ground. Each morning I open up the windows to let natural light in. This morning Ruby discovered the big toy she can't yet play with sitting outside. It has been the predominant source of discussion since.

Sailor is really into her exersaucer. There isn't a cry in her arsenal that this can't fix. The house in the right of the picture plays music when you hit the chimney. There is also a record function. Right now it is me saying Sailor's name a couple times. Tomorrow I think I might try fart noises. I am 33 and I still find them funny (and don't act like you don't either).
Our real first child came in from a bathroom break Tuesday smelling like...I don't really know what but it wasn't good. Ruby loves it when he gets treated like a human. She laughed all the way through his bath. Him...not so much.

This was the rocking horse I had when I was a kid. My wife talked me out of tossing it when we moved Mom. We handed it down to Ruby and she loves it (good call babe, I was being an idiot). On the way to lunch yesterday she asked to sit on something else.

I know how the time change effects me: an extra hour of sleep and I get hungrier earlier for a couple days. I never thought about how it would effect the girls. Yesterday toward the end of a lunch out, Ruby (in addition to devouring her plate in record time) got really fussy and uncooperative. It ended up costing her a trip to the playground, though I can't help but feel daylight savings time had a hand in it. Despite being awake, she asked to be carried in which is a first. A blanket and stuffed animal later and she was out. We both learned a lesson today: her that daddy means what he says and me, that factors you would never dream of will have influence on your children.

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