Monday, November 7, 2011

Bottles and Swings

This weekend at Target I overheard a conversation between a new mother to be and a grandma to be. They were weighing Evenflo and Dr. Browns bottles. I decided to pitch in and told them about my high opinion of the Dr. Browns products. Despite the number of pieces, the bottles are worth the effort and we rarely experience excessive gas or spitting up, even across two children. Much to my surprise, despite having the girls with me, they didn't seem to take me seriously as a parent or that I would know what I was taking about. This is the first instance of "dadscrimination" I have encountered. Every morning I assemble the bottles for the day and fill the hopper with three meals for Sailor. I have loaded the dishwasher basket and hand washed bottles more times than I care to count. I would say I am qualified to testify an opinion and have extensive knowledge of the product.

Later in the weekend I tackled a task that might have been more in line with their opinion of daddy duities: swing stand assembly. We ordered this gem from a local big-box retailer and I picked it up in the store. It was smaller and lighter than expected. The instructions said to allow for one hour of assembly time. This is a load of baloney, it took me well over two hours. Once I got in the swing of it (haha), it got easier but the instruction sheet was not clear and failed to provide a couple pivotal tips that would have made a huge difference in time and difficulty. I know this assembly is the first of many to come, just need to remember to keep my cool and be patient.

 (it was light out when I started)

A couple random shots: going out last week, Ruby insisted on wearing a hat. We picked one that matched her jacket. She also wore her new brown boots for the first time. She loves pockets and always throws her hands into or puts things into them.

Sailor didn't feel like a nap when Ruby and I did so we laid on the couch and watched Roseanne while Ruby slept. Glad she felt like looking at the camera. 


  1. You definitely don't resemble the normal stay home Daddy type. I'm surprised they didn't run screaming from your big hairy ass ;-)

  2. It kind of looks like Sailor is holding the camera and taking the picture, lol! My sweet family!!!! <3