Friday, May 11, 2012


There are a couple things hanging out in the playroom lately that scare the crap out of Sailor. One is an inflatable St. Bernard. I'm not really sure where it came from or how it got here but let me tell you...she hates it. She'll eye it if it starts to get close she won't take her gaze off it. Once it is within six inches, the screaming starts and the water works come on. She won't bat at it or try and move away from it. She just sits in hysterics until someone moves it.
The other is the Learning Farm playset and walker. We've been trying to use it as a tool to help her get experience and confidence with taking steps. It isn't working. Set her up behind it with her hands on the green bar...forget it. She won't try and sit down, fall down, take a step or do anything. Its just screaming, crying, etc. She can crawl down the isle at her wedding if she wants to, I'm losing the battle and I'm over it. 

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